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My résumé.

Bank of England interest rate and RPI inflation rate


Specifying and compiling Internet routing protocols
John N. Billings
PhD thesis, University of Cambridge, October 2009

A model of Internet routing using semi-modules
John N. Billings, Timothy G. Griffin
RelMiCS/AKA 11 2009 Doha, Qatar, November 2009

An architecture for metarouting
John N. Billings, Philip J. Taylor, Timothy G. Griffin
Routing in Next Generation Workshop, Madrid, December 2007

Type-Safe Distributed Programming for OCaml
John Billings, Peter Sewell, Mark Shinwell, Rok Strnisa
2006 ACM SIGPLAN Workshop on ML, Portland, Oregon, September 2006

A Bytecode Compiler for Acute
John Billings
Undergraduate dissertation, University of Cambridge, 2005